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It is not necessary that you come to dive as a couple, if you do not bring it, we will assign you a partner of your experience or we will put you with one of our Guides

We have equipment of very good quality and in perfect condition that we put at your disposal, in case you have not been able or you have not wanted to bring your own.

Our goal is to always dive at different dive sites in any of our dive centers, with the greatest possible safety, so you can enjoy your dive calmly; That is our main objective.
Ofrecemos una amplia selección de sitios de buceo para todos los gustos y niveles.

We are sure that you will stay with winning repeat.

You can also benefit from our diving vouchers, with a super special price and valid in any of our diving centers. You can also share it with whoever you want and use it throughout the season

[/vc_column_text][vc_message]The choice of dives are made the same day taking into account the state of the sea and the wind, thus ensuring the best diving dives.[/vc_message][trx_block align=»right» columns=»1_1″][vc_column_text]

Amount at any location
Single includes Bottle and Leads 37,00 €
Single includes Bottle, Leads and Full Equipment 55,00 €
Double consecutive (returning or not to Puerto) includes Bottle and Leads 62,00 €
Double consecutive (returning or not to Puerto) includes Bottle, Leads and Full Equipment 90,00 €
Refresh Simple (without equipment) 70,00 €
Refresh Simple (with equipment) 80,00 €
Consecutive Double Refresh (without equipment) 125,00 €
Consecutive Double Refresh (with equipment) 140,00 €
Loose flip flops, mask, skirts, gloves or hood (per piece) 6,00 €
Loose Regulator, Neoprene, Jacket or Lantern rental (per piece) 6,00 €
Rental of Diving Computer or Compact Underwater Camera 20,00 €
Night Dive Supplement 8,00 €

[/vc_column_text][trx_button size=»large» icon=»icon-right» bg_color=»#d33e08″ align=»right» link=»https://www.buceooutlet.com/revolution/» css=»border-radius: 15px;»]BOOK IMMERSION[/trx_button][/trx_block][vc_column_text]Below you will find the dive sites that we will dive into in Benidorm, Altea and Jávea.




The diving center of Benidorm is located in the yacht club, where our boats are located facilitating your boarding to go to the dive site.

The dives are always carried out with the maximum safety measures, and a Professional skipper on the boat at all times.

Then you can see the different places of immersion, located in THE ISLAND OF BENIDORM AND THE PARK OF SIERRA HELADA.

Imagen buceo Benidorm


In this area we can find diving spots for all tastes and levels; There are ideal diving spots for newcomers in this wonderful world, such as the points of Embarcadero and Punta Garbí.

There are also more advanced immersion points, the most experienced, such as Llosa, which reaches 35 meters deep;

You can also find places for all levels, such as the points of Cara Norte and Los Arcos.

North Face

Immersion of 9 to 25 meters deep, the rocky structure gives rise to hollows and the odd tunnel.

The games of lights between the rocks are spectacular, a pleasure for the eyes.

Apart from the impressive landscape, it also offers an explosion of life with large schools of fish, barracudas, eagles…

Los Arcos

A characteristic of the waters of the island of Benidorm is its usual transparency, an aspect that divers always appreciate and more when it is combined with beautiful funds charged with life, as in this dive.

The suggested route consists in advancing from the buoy, parallel to the island and recognizing the cyclopean rocks and the life that harbor golden seabream, banks of bream and octopus, being frequent encounter with schools of spits.

When we drift towards SW, change the bottom of stones to give rise to another of cliffs, at which point we ascend to about -14m and approach the wall, the large rocks reappearing and, among them, elongated caves superimposed as a viewpoints, at -9m, which form great backlights.

La Llosa

A fantastic blue abyss at a depth of 35 meters. It is located behind the island of Benidorm (far from the coast and in deep water). A large variety of large fish, octopus and crustaceans can be seen in La Llosa.

In this place we can see life of greater size.


It is located about 300 m south of the island. Its highest part is 6 m from the surface. The environmental conditions of luminosity constitute a habitat of singular importance. It is frequented by predatory species such as Serviola, Espetón and Denton.

It also constitutes an important refuge for more sedentary species such as moray eels, octopus, different species of bream, etc. The plant component is represented by various species of algae



Punta Garbí

If it is our first time diving or we just want to do a simple and at the same time beautiful diving, we dive in Punta Garbí, next to the slope of the island of Benidorm. Sand bottoms where we can find ourselves, hidden under the sand, rat fish in winters and rares in summer. Crowd of moray eels and congers among the rocks of the island’s slope and, again, the sea eagles flying over the blue or half-buried resting in the background.

There will be frequent encounters with nudibranchs, clavelins and sponges and already in the sandy bottom that reaches -28m, some line.

El embarcadero

With a depth ranging from 1 to 20 meters, it allows a very nice dive and suitable for all levels. We can see castanets, obladas, sarpas, scorpion fish, octopus, nudibranchs, moray eels … and vegetation on the rocky surface. A very attractive point is the Arch formed by the rocky soil. The nocturnal ones are especially beautiful. Occurring the sun appear some predators like congers and small life.


La Cueva del Elefante

Located between Altea and Benidorm, it is an underwater cave known as the Cueva del Elefante, due to the formation of rock over the entrance. The entrance of the cave is 12 meters deep in crystal clear waters, once you reach the end of the cave you can see good examples of stalactites inside the chamber. The cave itself is 25 meters long.

La Cueva del Enanito

It is a shallow dive with a maximum of -14 meters and an average of about -8 meters, but that takes place in a circuit especially exciting because of the beautiful caves and chimneys that like authentic blue windows will amaze us continuously.

As soon as we descend we look for the wall and there the entrance to -8mts. to the Enanito cave, with a considerable cover but little interior route. After accessing it we can ascend to a surface where there is an air bubble. We descend again only a couple of meters to see an illuminated tunnel that indicates the exit through a window just above the entrance. Once in the open sea, the route consists of leaving the wall to the left, which is profusely upholstered with yellow encrusting anemone. This wall sometimes forms bends to the left, although if we follow the stones with more or less continuity are parallel to it, in a course of about 60º, we will arrive at some cyclopean piled stones that we can scrutinize and then take a 330º course to the wall , where after being forced to draw one of these huge rocks and ascend briefly to only -3 meters, we fall again to -10 meters and access the cave of the Elephant, which is introduced into the interior of the mountain and allows us to reach the surface where also there is an air bubble. Finally we descend and go out to the open sea and return to the starting point, leaving the wall on our right now

Mitjana Island

Small island located in front of the high cliffs of the Serra Gelada. Its main feature is the amount of octopus that can be found during a single dive, so it is also known as the «Island of the Octopi».


Altea has a large number of dives that in Revolution Dive Altea we visit on a regular basis. Each dive site is different and divers always experience a unique experience. If you are learning to dive, continuing your training as a diver or if you are already an experienced diver, we are sure that you will enjoy your diving experience with us, here at Revolution Dive Altea.

In Revolution dive Altea, we have two differentiated areas for diving, the Cabo de toix and the Peñón de Ifach in the neighboring town of Calpe.

Peñón de Ifach

We dive in the foothills of this imposing solitary mountain with great cliffs, with a great diversity of dives, from shallow dives like the arches, to quite deep dives at the tip of the cliff.

El Racó

Shallow immersion of the area, with a maximum depth of 12 meters, ideal to perform as a second dive after exploring the deep dives of the rock, in the dive we can see a small ship sunk about 7 meters deep.

Cabo Tóix

Cabo Tóix is also known as La Pared del Mascarat, it is a long cliff that is gaining depth as we approach towards the end. In this place there are several dive sites with different characteristics despite being located one behind the other. Here you can find large rock formations, at a depth of 14 to 30 meters. We will also see a lot of marine life using the spaces created between the rocks as a breeding ground. We can often see groupers, large schools of snappers, stonefish and moray eels of considerable size.

Punta de la Raya

Located behind the mascarat point, it is together with the corner of the fountains, the perfect place to start in this wonderful world, we anchor at a depth of 4 meters on a sandy bottom, close to the posidonia meadow that separates us from the rocks of the point, we follow the path marked by the meadow and the rocks without stopping to observe the sand, in case we could see some ray, since they usually come to this cove to rest and we can observe the marks that they leave when leaving (from there the name of the diving point) until reaching a maximum depth of 7 meters, where we will observe large rocks full of holes, where a great variety of life is hidden.

El Rincón de las Fuentes

Located at the beginning of Cabo Toix, is another of our ideal places to try the world of diving, we anchor at a depth of 4 meters in a clear of sand and rocks surrounded by posidonia meadow, once submerged we will approach the wall looking in the multiple holes of it the life that hides there.

Las Fuentes

Located at the entrance to Cabo Toix, we will anchor at a depth of 8 meters next to a large rock that almost reaches the surface, the area is full of large rocks scattered over the Posidonia meadow, on the cliff wall we can see small «fountains» «Of fresh water that come from the bottom and the wall, since in the interior of the mountain there is a lake of fresh water and in this place it escapes to the Mediterranean, you can clearly see the contrast and the mixture of salt and fresh water, with a water temperature that rises which is 19ºC all year round.

La Roca

This immersion is characterized by a huge piece of cliff that fell to the sea several hundred years ago to the sea and its small grottos and caves, which we can visit during the dive, we will anchor in front of that big rock at about 8 meters deep and we will move along the wall at the foot of the cliff, between the wall and the Posidonia meadow.

Jardín de Neptuno

A very cool diving site that offers a wide variety of types of seabed, large stones with a channel in the middle, which is our anchoring site, at 16 meters. Once in the background we will pass over the Posidonia meadow towards the wall, where we will find a huge platform of rock at the bottom full of holes that look like pots, where we will be able to see octopi, moray eels and conger eels, and then go under an arc of stone and back towards the ship.

El Rincón

In the center of Cabo Toix we find El Rincón, where we will anchor about 8 meters deep in an area of rocks just in front of a large cave on the surface, in this area we will find many caves and siphons that we will visit with great care.

Punta de la Luz

One of our favorite dive sites in Cabo Toix, we will anchor on a rocky platform 6 meters deep, and in the immediate area we can find sandy bottoms, Posidonia meadow and many rocks of all sizes, a place that the mere for the ease that there is to hide. We will also visit the wall, where we can see how in the lower part there is a veril that goes into the mountain, in whose roof it is common to find nudibranchs like the beautiful Swiss vaquitas.

El Oso

So called because of the statue of a bear that was moored many years ago, located at a depth of 24 meters, we will anchor at a depth of 18 meters and from there we will descend to visit the statue and the area around large rocks. Being the final area of Cabo Toix, we have several environments that offer the greatest variety of fish life as it is a mixture of sandy bottom, Posidonia, large rock formations and open sea, it offers us a lot of opportunities to see a great diversity of marine life. From El Oso, we will regularly visit Cueva del Oso, a fantastic experience for those who wish to enter. One of our hidden secrets of Cape Toix.

La Punta

It is the deepest dive in the area reaching 28 meters deep, characterized by large rocks detached from the tip of the cliff of Cape Toix, is a frequent passage of large banks of barracudas and in the stones of the bottom we can see.

La Cala

The perfect place for all levels of divers. Located in a small cove that is only accessible by boat between Altea and Calpe. It is anchored to a depth of 5 meters. Here you can do dives to a depth of 18 meters. Large schools of small fish make this place perfect for all levels.

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