With the ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER course you will improve the underwater techniques learnt in the introductory scuba diving course. You will reinforce your knowledge and practice your skills to improve your finning, buoyancy and your safety as an autonomous diver. With this advanced course you will learn different underwater tasks that will expand your knowledge of the underwater environment and your ability as a diver, skills that will enable you to reach a depth of 30 metres.

The course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part with 5 different dives. You can choose from the following practical specialities: buoyancy, search and recovery, drift diving, underwater navigation, species recognition, night diving, deep diving.

What includes:

  • Course theory
  • 5 dives
  • Boat trip
  • Instructor
  • Formalities and certification at the end of the course

What you need:

  • Swimming costume, towel, flip-flops and change of clothes. Changing rooms, toilets and showers are available at the centre
  • If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend taking biodramine with caffeine (to avoid drowsiness) at least 30 minutes before boarding


  • Be over 16 years of age
  • Be able to swim
  • Be in possession of the Open Water Diver course or equivalent
  • Medical examination certifying that you are fit for underwater activities. This must be handed in on the first day of the course at the centre.
  • A photo